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SpectralTest Instrument Recertification Program

SpectralTest™  is a method of periodically testing your Spectrophotometer to ensure that the values it measures and reports are still accurate, the test is  usually performed twice a year.

How is SpectralTest™ carried out?

The test involves measuring color standards on your instrument and comparing the measurement values to measurements made on standard instruments in the USA.  The color samples used  have to meet extremely high standards for stability, reproducibility and durability. At present only colored ceramic tiles meet these high demands.

A set of 12 BCRA coloured tiles are calibrated at Datacolor’s Lawrenceville facility against  threestandard Spectraflash instruments.  These tiles are then sent to the Xyz office in Melbourne to be used for testing purposes.  The tiles are returned to Lawrenceville every twelve months for re-certification.

An Xyz Engineer visits your plant and performs Preventative Maintenance checks and procedures on your instrument.  Once he is satisfied that the instrument has been cleaned and the electronic energy levels and balances are within specification the Xyz Engineer records the temperature and humidity and measures the 12 calibrated BCRA tiles. The measured values are saved on a floppy diskette and transferred to a special program at Xyz that evaluates the test results.

Evaluation & Recertification.

At Xyz’s office the measurement of each calibrated BCRA tile is compared with the values obtained from the master instruments at Datacolor’s manufacturing center in Lawrenceville, USA.  The special program calculates any differences between the measurements and evaluates the accuracy and quality of measurements made by the instrument under test.

Finally the measured values and  evaluation are printed and a summary of the results is printed out on a certificate, which is sent to the customer to confirm your instrument is working correctly and that your measurements are within specification. 

SpectralTest™ Instrument Evaluation and Recertification is necessary to meet the requirements of Quality Systems such as ISO 9000.


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