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 Paint Colour Control Systems

Datacolor and Xyz offer a range of solutions for Colour Matching, Correction and Quality Control in Paint and Coatings Manufacture.

With over 30 years experience of Paint and Coatings, and the background of very successful programs such as Chroma Calc I and Chroma Calc II Datacolor continues to develop leading edge technology for Colour Matching and Control.

Mercury and Spectraflash Spectrophotometers are recommended for use in Paint Manufacturing Systems.


Datacolor has used it’s decades of color measurement, matching, correction and management  experience to produce a totally new powerful yet simple to use program for Paints, Coatings, Plastics and Inks

Datacolor Match Major Functions include:

ź Formula Central—all color matching and correction functions appear and run from one interactive, easy to learn screen.

ź Jobs—a virtual notebook that automatically organize and saves each step in the match and correct process.

ź Color Matching—can handle opaque, translucent or transparent products and produce results optimized for customer’s needs and your operation.

ź Smartmatch™ - just like a colorist Chroma Calc 3 “learns” from the results of previous work to improve the accuracy of first time predictions

ź Correction—automatically calculates the best addition to satisfy job requirements

ź Colour QC—supplied complete with ColorTools QC colour quality control software.

ź Compatible—with any of Datacolor’s range of Spectraflash, Mercury or Dataflash instruments.

Pearl is Datacolor’s new software that allows you to match and correct colors containing metallic or pearlescent pigments with exceptional accuracy. 

· Save time in formulating special effect colours

· Produce more consistent product

· Reduce waste and rejects of costly products

· Store, retrieve and cost production formulas easily

Datacolor Tools™ is Datacolor’s latest Colour Quality Control System.and provides state-of-the-art software for the measurement and analysis of color.

Based on modern software architecture and an ODBC compliant database Tools combines an easy to use interface with unprecedented user configurability. Whether it’s simple quality control on the production floor or advanced research tasks in the lab, Tools has the options and features to meet your color control needs


DatacolorTools™ Main Features include:

· Simple Operation

· Design your own Screens

· Design your own Reports

· Design your own Setups

· Design your own Data Fields

· Design your own Database Records

· Industry Standard Database Architecture

· Artificial Intelligence Tolerancing

· e-mail capability—send standards and batches to your customers direct from the desktop with a single click.



Datacolor's LabPaint

LabPaint was designed to create and manage the data for Paint in-store systems.  It can also be used as a Colour Measurement, Prediction and correction system for paint manufacturers who produce coloured coatings by the addition of liquid colorants (tinters) to prefilled containers of White, Clear or Coloured Bases.

LabPaint is easy to learn and comes complete with manuals, onscreen help and support from a fully trained Applications Specialist.

LabPaint's Features include:

  • Colorant, White and Base Calibration

  • Data Verification tools

  • Custom Colour Matching

  • SuperQueue® Matching

  • Color Card Matching

  • Scaling of Formulations

  • Manual Entry of Formulations

  • Customer Formula Storage

  • Correction of Mistinted Paint

  • Extensive Data Access, Retrieval and Reporting


Xyz Technical Services

With our own laboratory, Paint Chemist and Technician Xyz can provide all the "back-room" resources needed to develop and maintain and in-store network.  We offer:

  • Colour Development

  • Database Preparation and Checking

  • Palette file data preparation

  • Corresponding Formula prediction and testing

  • Management and distribution of Formula Books

  • Management of Formula Book Printing


Xyz In-Store Services

Xyz's Support for you and your dealers does not end with the sale. 

We provide after sale service and support including:

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Repair Services

  • Data and Software Updating

  • Instrument Checking and Recertification

  • Telephone Technical Support

  • Training and Colour Education Courses



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